How to book Inner Circle Access

English Heritage are the custodians of Stonehenge. Their calendar is usually finalised in October for the following year. Exclusive access places are extremely limited, so to avoid disappointment, it is vital to submit your date as soon as possible after the dates are made public. English Heritage will not accept dates prior to calendar release.

The process is as follows.

Once you have a date or date range in mind please let us know and we will submit it to English Heritage once the calendar is released.

The calendar will be finalised by English Heritage around the beginning of October for the following year.

Once we have a provisional booking number for your date you will need to arrange a 50% deposit  payment to English Heritage within 7 days. This will secure your reservation.

Payment balance to English Heritage is due no less than one month prior to your date.

Our fees for planning, ceremony, photography etc. are due 30 days prior to your date.

You have your dream wedding at Stonehenge.

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