Stonehenge Wedding Packages

Just imagine how special a ceremony at Stonehenge would be…

Since 1978 visitors are no longer permitted access within the circle of stones. However, we can arrange your ceremony WITHIN the Circle of Stones at either early morning or evening.  

Most stone circles are open access and are wonderful places for a ceremony. Stonehenge however is a special case and while it is certainly possible a degree of flexibility is required.

You can have a ceremony alone within the stone circle, which makes for a very unique event but does require forward planning and working with available dates. As you can imagine getting into the inner circle is extremely difficult as numbers are very limited. Special access into Stonehenge is often booked 5 to 6 months in advance, with few open dates in between. However, if you don’t mind the crowds and being outside the stones is acceptable then anytime is possible. If a Stonehenge ceremony is for you then you have various options available.

Stonehenge Wedding


Do It Yourself Service

With this option you will need to make all of the arrangements and bookings with English Heritage.

Ceremony Only 350.oo
Includes helping couples create a custom ceremony that reflects your feelings and beliefs as well as performing it for you at your chosen location. Available at Stonehenge, Avebury or any other location you may hold special.

 packages starting from. 300


All Full Service Stonehenge Wedding includes:
Arranging your ceremony reservation with English Heritage

Normal Business Hours Regular Stonehenge Tour
If you don’t mind the crowds and just being at Stonehenge is enough then you could have a ceremony during normal opening hours. This option doesn’t allow you access to the stone circle itself and you are limited to the public areas. Though you can get quite close, but as you can imagine it does get very busy.

Basic Package price 410.00
Celebrant for the ceremony
Helping couples create a personalized ceremony
Stonehenge entrance fee for Bride, Groom and celebrant.

Additional guests, 20.00 per person.

Photography packages available from 300.00
Includes professionally edited photographs on disc.

Regular Inner Circle Stonehenge Tour
If having your ceremony within the stone circle is your dream then that is certainly possible. English Heritage, the custodians of Stonehenge, allows special access out of regular opening hours. This could be early morning or in the evening after general closing time. With this option you would be part of a group with a maximum number of thirty for this hour long access tour.

Regular Circle Access Package 900.00
Celebrant for the ceremony
Helping couples create a personalized ceremony
Photography package includes professionally edited photographs on disc.
Stonehenge Circle Access entrance fee for Bride, Groom, Celebrant and Photographer

Additional guests are 40.00 per person

Private Inner Circle Stonehenge Tour
Having exclusive, private access to the inner circle is surely the ultimate Stonehenge wedding experience. You can have your ceremony either just by yourselves or up to a total of 30 (including celebrant and photographer). You will have Stonehenge all to yourselves for one hour. To enable this unique experience to become reality a degree of flexibility is often required to obtain a date where all thirty places are available. If this is your preferred option then please Contact me and I can work with English Heritage to get started on available dates.

Ultimate Private Circle Access Package 2050.00
Exclusive one hour access to Stonehenge Inner Circle.
Celebrant for the ceremony
Helping couples create a personalized ceremony.
Photography package includes professionally edited photographs on disc.

Stonehenge Wedding

Planning and Coordination

For our overseas couples our planning and coordination services could prove invaluable with just one point of contact, making your dream Stonehenge wedding arrangements a breeze.

Our basic planning packages start at 400 ($500) for small weddings.

Wedding day coordination is 800 ($1000) and 400 ($500) for any additional days of coordination.

Includes assistance with the following:

Assistance Obtaining the English Heritage Stonehenge Access Permit
Lodging/Camping Reservations
Arranging Transportation
Reception Coordination
Vendor Coordination
Catering Coordination
Cake Selection
Meal Planning
Decorations & Favors
Music & Musician’s
Hair & Make-Up
Local Knowledge, Maps & Ideas

If Stonehenge is your dream location then please Contact me as soon as possible to discuss how to move forward with your wedding plans.

Stonehenge Wedding
Stonehenge Wedding
Wishing Tree Avebury
Stanton Drew

Other Stone Circle Weddings

Most of the other stone circles in the UK have no restrictions and are less visited. You can walk among the stones and they make great settings for ceremonies.  Avebury is a particular favorite of ours as it is not only one of the largest stone circles in the world, if offers unlimited access with plenty of options within the monument for that perfect spot.

There are many other possibilities or you may already have a special place in mind and just need someone to help you make your wedding day dream come true.

Handfasting Cords, Bridal Party Gifts and Guest Favors

Our custom made Handfasting Cords are available for purchase for you to use during your ceremony and to have as your forever keepsake of your special day.

Also available, bridal party gifts and wedding favours which are hand made by ourselves utilizing ethically sourced sarsen stone. Our Jewellery as well as unique Sculpture are available to order, inspired by ancient circles and their connection to the universe.

The above pricing is for 2017 and subject to change at anytime.


Stonehenge Wedding
Handfasting Cords
Sarsen jewellery
Handfasting Cords

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