Stonehenge at sundown
Avebury celebration
Vow renewal at Avebury
propping the stone up at Avebury
Two minutes later they were using this as a javelin!
Handfasting at Avebury
One year after the wedding at Avebury
We celebrate love
Stunning bride at Avebury stone circle
Love at Avebury
vow renewal with a new baby
Our Stonehenge family
So excited that I am surprised no-one burst at Stonehenge
love in the air at Stonehenge
stunning couple at Stonehenge
stunning bride at Stonehenge
Dressed to the nines at Stonehenge
Tying the knot at Stonehenge
Feel the power of the stones
Romance at Stonehenge
All of these stunning photographs have been captured by our photographers John Eccles, Sarah Jane Bullock & Mark Philip Gutterage of Monumental Arizona Weddings