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Questions & Answers

Stonehenge Weddings are fiercely committed to creating world class celebrations

in the most Magical place on Earth.

 You deserve a first class experience with us. From your first enquiry through to booking and then the big day. 

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions below. However we don't want you to wonder about anything, so please either call or email us via the button if you have any queries. 

Telephone: 0793357632

Is Handfasting a legal wedding?

No it isn't at the moment. It is a personalised Celebration of your love. 

Most people that would like to be legally married arrange this before or after their Handfasting. Please ask us if you require extra help. See below for the legal information.

Is there somewhere close to Stonehenge to sign our marriage licence the day before or after our wedding ceremony?

This information is from Wiltshire registry office, please check directly for up to date information .

If you wanted to make your statutory declarations of marriage and receive a marriage certificate, the Statutory marriage ceremony or civil partnership registration costs £46.00 and can only take place at Trowbridge registry office, on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. There is a registry office in Salisbury where you can make your statutory declarations of marriage and then receive your wedding certificate, there is more flexibility of dates and time, and will cost upwards of £280.00. You do not have to exchange wedding rings at either of these services, meaning rings you exchange at Stonehenge may feel extra special in such a wonderful setting.

If you are UK based, we suggest that you arrange your declarations in your home town due to the requirements of the registration service in regards to residency, if you are based overseas, again arrange your declarations in your country of residence as you have to reside in the UK registration district 8 days before the ceremony.

Here is the information from the registration service in this regards...

You must each give formal notice of your intention to marry or to form a civil partnership in person at a Registration Office in the district where you live. If one party is a foreign national you will both be required to give notice of your intention to marry or to form a civil partnership in the same district at the same time. This can be a district in which either of you live. You are required to have lived in the district for at least eight days before giving notice.

The minimum period between giving notice and when a ceremony can take place is currently 28 clear days*. The Schedule for marriage will be issued on day 29 after the date you give notice and will be valid for twelve months. It's therefore a good idea to arrange to give your individual notices around six months before the date of your ceremony.

*For couples where one or both parties are non-EEA nationals with limited or no immigration status, your application to marry will be referred to the Home Office and they may extend the notice period to 70 days. Additional fees may apply which the Registration Service will advise you about when you book your appointment.

How do we secure Exclusive Access to the stones?

To have total exclusivity within the stones you would need to purchase all 30 spaces that are released for private access, there are two slots each morning and evening, meaning you get to see sunrise or sunset, with 26 of your nearest and dearest invited along to witness your lovely ceremony, (the other 4 spaces being for you and your partner, and your celebrant. and photographer.

Currently English Heritage are taking bookings up to March 2024 meaning you can secure your preferred date right now to be sure of getting the date/time you want. I have copied the link below. Alternatively, you could just purchase the tickets for yourselves, your celebrant and photographer and share the experience with any general public that purchased gawp at your ceremony taking place.

We never use the word ‘wedding’ when booking these slots as English Heritage will quickly tell you they do not ‘host’ weddings, but if you use the word handfasting there are no further questions asked...

When should we book you?

To be sure of our availability I would suggest you book us immediately you have booked your English Heritage tickets, we would ask for 50% of our fee to save the date at this stage, with the balance due 28 days before the ceremony.

English Heritage "rest" Stonehenge exclusive access between October and November so ceremonies are available outer circle only during those months. We are delighted to be able to offer ceremonies within Avebury Stone Circle as a wonderful alternative.

Can you provide other services?

The short answer is yes, should you need a bouquet, let us know your requirements and we will obtain a price for you and arrange them for you, similarly we can make suggestions for nearby bed and breakfast, hotels, and potential wedding reception venues and suppliers. We can also make recommendations for transporting your entire wedding party from you accommodation to the stones. We have made extensive contacts over the years and love to share our knowledge.

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