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Teri Stout

Creator of Wonderful Memories 

Celebrant specialising in weddings for 25 years.

Wife, Mother and Grandmother of 7.  

Teri will quite literally do anything for love, including recently a parachute jump for charity! Teri has an awesome sense of humour.

Very much a people person Teri really gets as excited about your special occasion as you do. 

She believes in the universe and that it provides just what we need when we need it,

"I do not label myself as pagan, Christian, or any of the other wonderful ways we like to describe or pigeon hole our beliefs, I am me, you are you, I accept you for all for the wonderful people you are."

Eva May

The Wisewoman of Wiltshire

Eva May - The Wisewoman of Wiltshire - knows how to make your wedding or other celebration an event filled with deep meaning, captivating enchantment, and unforgettable joy! Eva guides happy couples throughout Britain to create bespoke ceremonies that contain the perfect mix of dignified seriousness and playful ritual. "Charmed" in both Magic and Fortune-Telling, she will fashion and lead you in a spiritually-centered and deeply romantic event. Eva will help light your way to the ceremony of your dreams, saving yourself worry and trouble. Eva is married with children. Alas, her 2 cats "Magic & Mabel" have shown no interest in having a corporate role in the business.

Brian Stout


Pictured here on his way to a business meeting. Brian has a chauffeur as his legs don't reach the pedals.

His favourite pass time is running around and barking at just about anything. 

As CEO his main role is making people smile, probably one of the most important jobs on the planet.


Toby Stout

Master of Enchantment

Welcome Toby- A baby brother for Brian. 

So soft and very bouncy! He is already busy making his presence known in his role as "Master of Enchantment" 

To be honest we are not sure he understands his job title yet, however he is already enchanting everyone that he meets.

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